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Top off an evening look stylishly with this bold and sassy black faux leather jacket! Cut short for a flattering look, this modern jacket has a full zip front, a flared collar to frame your face...
Layers are everything! Especially when they're as cute as this layer. Throw on this neutral colored printed tie-front jacket to pull together any outfit. And just try to resist twirling around when...
This drop shoulder style fits like your favorite sweatshirt but looks like a million bucks--how cool is that? It's all thanks to the clever color blocking. The contrasting colors create flattering...
Pull on a fun, flirty, fringed jacket to pair with jeans, skirts, or leggings and you may just want to spin around and around to get the full effect! Designed in a fit that will flatter any curvy...


Sometimes Cover Velvet - Black
$43.00 $18.00
Sometimes a plain shirt and pants just don’t cut it, sometimes there is a chill in the air, sometimes there is a draft in your office, sometimes you simply want to stand out in the crowd! Well...
She Wolf Cardigan - Taupe
$56.00 $24.00
Be bold. Stand out. Make a statement. And be cozy at the same time! With a beautiful, silky black faux fur effect enveloping your curves in luxurious softness, this cuddly cardigan is the perfect...
Show Your Spunk Cold Shoulder Dress
$46.00 $23.00
Stripes don't have to be simply horizontal or vertical. How about diagonal for a change? We love the angled stripes here, along with the gentle bell-style sleeves and shoulder cut-out design. Bonus:...
I Wish I May, I Wish I Might Pants - Petrol
$34.00 $17.00
You can have the fabulous look of a genie in a bottle (without having to squeeze thought the bottle top) with these fun full figured pants. Paired with a sleek top, you will be that talk of the town!...


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