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This drop shoulder style fits like your favorite sweatshirt but looks like a million bucks--how cool is that? It's all thanks to the clever color blocking. The contrasting colors create flattering...
Layers are everything! Especially when they're as cute as this layer. Throw on this neutral colored printed tie-front jacket to pull together any outfit. And just try to resist twirling around when...
Top off an evening look stylishly with this bold and sassy black faux leather jacket! Cut short for a flattering look, this modern jacket has a full zip front, a flared collar to frame your face...
Pull on a fun, flirty, fringed jacket to pair with jeans, skirts, or leggings and you may just want to spin around and around to get the full effect! Designed in a fit that will flatter any curvy...


Sometimes Cover Velvet - Black
$43.00 $18.00
Sometimes a plain shirt and pants just don’t cut it, sometimes there is a chill in the air, sometimes there is a draft in your office, sometimes you simply want to stand out in the crowd! Well...
I Wish I May, I Wish I Might Pants - Petrol
$34.00 $17.00
You can have the fabulous look of a genie in a bottle (without having to squeeze thought the bottle top) with these fun full figured pants. Paired with a sleek top, you will be that talk of the town!...
Show Your Spunk Cold Shoulder Dress
$46.00 $23.00
Stripes don't have to be simply horizontal or vertical. How about diagonal for a change? We love the angled stripes here, along with the gentle bell-style sleeves and shoulder cut-out design. Bonus:...
She Wolf Cardigan - Taupe
$56.00 $24.00
Be bold. Stand out. Make a statement. And be cozy at the same time! With a beautiful, silky black faux fur effect enveloping your curves in luxurious softness, this cuddly cardigan is the perfect...


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