Tunics Are In Love With The Shape Of You

Tunics Are In Love With The Shape Of You

The goal of every girl or woman used to be to get thin to fit in into the latest clothing and to be a trend-setter. Those from that generation also recall the struggle of it all too. We are fortunate that today we live in an era where we all are capable of being glamorous and trendy—no matter what size. The standards of beauty are different and can be measured by the way a woman carries herself, personality, confidence, etc. Of course, we’re not a hundred percent there yet, but surely the world has come a long way. Seeing plus-sized models on the runway is victory for many reminding ladies that fashion is meant for all women. We come in all shapes and sizes, so let’s explore which styles best suit you and your unique body shape:

Curves curves curves. Having some form of them is appealing and very sexy thanks to today’s pop culture. Now we see many new styles of dresses designed specifically to accentuate this shape. Since curves are presented differently for each woman, we’d like to share the garment style which suits them all: the tunic.


Tunics tops is a popular choice among many women. They aren’t exactly a dress but rather a longer shirt that tends to be loose. With the correct blend of prints, fabric, and colors, tunics create a very stylish look. There are a variety of tunics in the market based on size, styles, and shapes. Pairing them with skinny jeans, jeggings or tights is a trend that never dies and remains the ultimate combination.


The key to finding the right type of tunic is by assessing your body shape. Learning more about your body not only aids you in finding the perfect outfit but will sequentially enhance your fashion sense. Now, see if any of the following fit your description:

The Apple

To have an apple shaped body is having a wider waist in respect to your hips and bust. Your legs are your best asset to show off, so tunic tops and shirts having flare or pleats starting from your waist down is a great option! Improve your look further by finding a top with rightly-fitted arms, bust area, and a flowy fall that swirls in the wind like Marilyn Monroe’s iconic scene. As for color, using a bold color top with light colored jeggings or pants create a wonderful balance in your overall look. Patterned and multi-colored jeggings are also in when wearing a solid colored top.

All you need now are some classy boots and maybe some bling on the neck to spruce up the look for a formal setting!


The Pear

Ever draw two curves in the air with your hands to show a friend what body shape you have? It’s considered to be a desirable look as it’s close to an hourglass shape and due to the distribution of weight. Big on the upper body/bust area but heavier in the hips and butt is what this shape is about. This is why tunic tops are a winner because they suit all body shapes—even this one! A-line tops are your best friends as well as those cute puffy shouldered tunics. Try on some V-necks and high collars and find yourself looking instantly glamorous in front of the mirror!

As for bottoms, definitely go for darker shaded pants, palazzos, and wide pants if you’re wearing a shorter shirt. However, with tunics, jeggings and jeans again look the best. The pear shaped body also rock bootleg jeans.

Accessorize this look with a pair of long and bold earrings along with a long strapped handbag.


The Hourglass

The hourglass shape—the epitome of the ultimate shape. Stars showing off their hourglass bodies in reality shows and music videos undoubtedly puts this up their as the number one insta-perfect body shape trend. In brief, an hourglass body could be you if your waist is smaller than your bust and hips—the two which are similar in size. With this sort of shape in the fashion world, the idea is to define your curves by highlighting your waistline. Tunics with defined tops go amazingly well with a belt to accentuate your waist and snug your figure. All shades of color are suitable with this shape be it bright or dull. A dress with slits on the sides give room to your hips compared to a straight dress that gets awkwardly tight as you pull it down.


The Rectangle

Using the right tricks when getting ready, you can truly give your figure some dimension. The rectangle shape is seemingly straight from shoulder to the hips, with little to no curves. Try outfits with belts and elastics to create the illusion of curves. Padded bras are helpful for giving the upper half of your body some shape. The benefit of having a rectangle body is that you can wear tunics that are longer like a dress. That way, you won’t need any leggings!

Simple and elegant jewelry like studs and metal pieces are timeless for all shapes and always elegant with this attire.


The Inverted Triangle

Having broader shoulders than hips and a medium sized waist is what you call an inverted triangle shaped figure. A tip for this shape is to create a balance, which is possible with a wide-sleeved V-neck tunic. Boot-cut jeans or flared pants help to match up with the broader upper half.

Rather than over-accessorizing, keep it simple with a chain and light earrings to look fabulous.


Bearing in mind—these are fashion tips, but a woman will and can always show off her best bling, regardless of any shape! Our body shapes make us unique and understanding them is a huge step towards dressing accordingly and to keep up with trends. Like a formula, when wearing tunic tops correctly based on body shape, you’ll have manifested the ideal style solution making it easier when shopping!

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