5 Fall Fashion Struggles for Curvy and Plus Size Women

5 Fall Fashion Struggles for Curvy and Plus Size Women

Curvy is completely sexy, that's something most of us can agree on. However, shopping when you’re large chested and thick thighed can be a bit daunting and overwhelming. It's not our fault we were blessed with delicious assets! Fall is just around the corner and it’s just the perfect fashionable season. The in-between weather allows us opportunities to play with both light and heavier looks, and who doesn’t love layering up, am I right?

Let’s not even get started on the limitless accessories...pass the scarves, please! Even though fall fashion can be fun, playful, sexy, and adventurous, there are some trends that we do struggle a bit more with. 

Let’s take a look at some of the common struggles and learn how to overcome them and rock the streets, always runway ready!

1- Finding Jeans that Fit Just Right

2- Leggings as Pants

3- Thigh High, Over the Knee Boots

4- Oversized Sweaters that Just Look Baggy

5- Sexy Leather Biker Jacket that Actually Zips

1. Finding Jeans that Fit Just Right

Okay, so this can technically be an all year around struggle, but considering jeans are such a major part of pulling together so many fall looks, it makes the very top of our list. It’s the era of the skinny jean and high waisted jean, both styles that pose potentially major problems when you’ve got some extra curves.

How many of you have been shopping for the perfect distressed jean only to find ones that are way too long and wide at the waist or ones that don’t even go past your thighs? We’ve all been there. Not to worry, there is a better way.

Rather than trying to work with jeans that are hugging your curves in all the wrong places or ones that are loose around your best assets, look for jeans tailored for curvy bodies. Distressed plus size jeans will typically give you a bit more stretch, making them comfortable for movement and just enough hug, without being too skintight.


2. Leggings as Pants

Can we all agree on something? Leggings are everything, leggings are life. Aren’t they just the most comfortable article of clothing that’s ever existed? 

Some women pull off leggings so seamlessly, managing to look sexy, toned, and athletic. Unfortunately, it’s not always so easy for everyone. It can be a bit tough to find the right leggings when you’ve got some more curves. Many of them are already pretty thin, so when trying to stretch over thick thighs, they end up becoming a bit transparent...not cute. 

On the other hand, you don’t want to wear leggings that don’t fit like leggings, then you might as well wear sweatpants! If you’re struggling to find leggings that are both stretchy, but made with a thicker, more reliable material, these perfect fall leggings will pair perfectly with your oversized sweaters and flannels.


3. Thigh High, Over the Knee Boots

Fall is the season of cute boots and booties. It’s almost irresistible to pass by a shoe store and not instantly become magnetized to their boot section. One of the sexiest fall fashion trends has to be the over the knee boot. This trend is a fall staple, and it’s definitely here to stay. Most typical over the knee boots have a very specific and slim-cut towards the thigh area, to keep them from slouching too much. That’s definitely a good plan, but it doesn’t really do any favors for us women with thick thighs, now does it? 

Sure, knee-high boots are great, but over the knee is just so much sexier and they go so perfect with sweater dresses and just about every fall look. Have you ever found the perfect pair of over the knee boots, tried them on, and realize they won’t exactly be over the knee boots for you? Yeah...we’ve been there too. Don’t worry, all you need to look for are wide thighed boots. They’re not exactly super common, but when you try them on, trust us, they will fit like a glove and you’ll be able to partake in one of the sexiest trends of fall!


4. Oversized Sweaters that Just Look Baggy

Isn’t it so annoying to see a bunch of girls looking so cute and effortlessly gorgeous in just an oversized sweater and some booties? Why isn’t it that easy for everyone? Unfortunately, when you’re blessed with a beautiful, big chest, ‘oversized’ is a whole different world. Since your chest sticks out a bit more than the average, oversized clothing tends to look a bit baggy and make you look a bit thicker than you really are!

To still partake in this major fall fashion trend, cinching is key. You can do this by adding a belt to some of your oversized sweaters or find sweaters that are specifically designed to work with your body type, cut to fit a fuller figured woman, like these.

5. Sexy Leather Biker Jacket that Actually Zips

Every girl loves to show off her edgy side, especially in evening happy hours with the girls. Whether they’re half-cut, oversized, or just cut to fit like a glove, biker jackets are a fall staple and an absolute must for every girl’s closet. Now, let’s get real for a moment my curvy girls. Do any of you have jackets that you absolutely adore and wear every year, but can’t zip them up? Isn’t that the worst, especially on nights where the temperature dips a bit and all you can wish for is to be able to zip up? 

Well, we’ve been there too, and it’s awful. Instead of settling for jackets that only work when left undone, find the one that fits you just like a glove. You deserve a quality biker jacket you can wear without the risk of hypothermia.


Plus size shopping does not have to be a nightmare, and ladies, you don’t have to sacrifice the top fall fashion trends because you’re afraid they won’t work for you or you won’t find the right pieces. If you’re ever looking for some help staying on-trend and finding clothing that looks like they were made just for you, we’ve got you covered.

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