Flattering Fits: The Perfect Dress Style for You

Flattering Fits: The Perfect Dress Style for You

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Looking for the perfect dress, but don’t want to spend hours trying things on? Finding a flattering fit doesn’t have to be a chore, especially if you know what to look for. To help narrow down your options and select pieces that are sure to suit you, we’ve rounded up out top 3 plus size dresses to keep an eye out for.

Define your Waistline

One of the simplest ways to decide which dresses can guarantee a for-sure fit is to see where the waistline is cut. Looking for flattering plus size dresses that nip in and define your natural waist can ensure a proper fit along the waistline as well as everywhere else.

If you're particularly busty, look for  flattering dresses with this particular fit can be extremely flattering. Selecting a dress that hits your natural waistline won’t just help to create balance, it will also accentuate your curves perfectly.

All Wrapped Up

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If there was ever a perfect dress, it’d be the flattering wrap dress. This silhouette is universally flattering for every dress size and the timeless fit is constantly being re-invented by designers.

Most recently, the wrap dress, or tea dress, has undergone a serious upgrade. Several brands have started bringing out unexpected new lengths, patterns and fabrics that take this classic to the next level. Additionally, this trendy piece allows for a customizable fit, you can really tailor it to suit your specific needs.

That being said, if you’re really after that classic cut that will serve you for years, we have a variety of wrap dresses that are perfectly flattering plus size dresses for any occasion and any body type.

Know Your Necklines

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Last but certainly not least, before you head to checkout, you’ll want to think about your particular neckline preferences. Of the more than 10 neckline options out there, there may be one of two that you gravitate towards, or you find looks the most flattering on you. Depending on a variety of factors, including your face shape, neck, shoulders and even your haircut, you might choose one neckline over another.

For example, if you’re pear shaped, you may find a lot of boat neck silhouettes hanging in your closet. Because this neckline sits wider along your decolletage, it can serve as a way to balance out the hips. The reverse effect can be seen with halter tops, as the inward neckline helps to accentuate your bustline. Knowing these helpful tricks can make it a lot easier for you decide exactly which features you’d like to draw attention to.

Find Flattering Fits

With all that said, the choice is all yours to make. While these few tips can offer a little guidance if your not sure where to start your search for flattering dresses, don’t let these suggestions box you in. The perfect dress style for you will always be the one you feel best in. To find your next favorite dress, browse our offerings today!

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