Creating The Perfect Americana Outfit For Fourth Of July

Creating The Perfect Americana Outfit For Fourth Of July

Red, white, and blue are the colors of our flag, yes, but that’s not all they are. As fashionistas, we also know that these three colors can go really well together in an outfit! Independence Day is fast approaching. No matter what your plans are, make sure to flaunt your amazing sense of style on this prideful day. Every occasion is an occasion for fashion, after all! Before you start picking out the perfect plus size Fourth of July outfit, read about these three very different types of Americana outfits women usually wear! It just might give you some inspiration of your own.

Look A: Major Pride (Wear The Flag)

One way for women to create the perfect Americana outfit is to simply wear the flag. Around this time of the year, shops everywhere sell shirts, hats, hair accessories, and more bearing the star-spangled banner. If you have major pride and want to wear it on your sleeve, then work on shopping around for flattering clothing with the flag emblazoned on it. You can even wear matching shirts with your besties!

Princess Of Patterns

Look B: Princess Of Patterns (Incorporate Stars And Stripes)

If you want to show off your pride but don’t want to buy a shirt just for the purpose, then wearing star- or stripe-patterned clothing can be a great way to build an Americana outfit. That way, you can allude to the flag without being too blatant about it. Wear a striped shirt or vest with jeans for an easy, casual look, or mix and match a few different patterned items to create a more quirky festive look.

Look C: Subtle And Sleek (Use One Color As Your Base)

If you have a subtle sense of fashion or are going to a fancy event on Fourth of July, then you might prefer a simpler, less conspicuous Americana outfit. To get in the spirit of Independence Day without making it obvious or breaking fashion code, simply wear red, white or blue clothing! You can add accessories from there. Dresses, of course, are preferable on this holiday, so find the flattering blue or red dress that speaks to you and pair some festive jewelry to match!

Americana Outfit

Get Your Americana Outfit Ready On Time!

There are many ways to create the perfect plus size Fourth of July outfit for you. Use one of the above strategies or blend a few together to get started. If you like being creative, you can also find your own path to creating a perfect outfit. Whatever you do, take this holiday as an opportunity to wear a bomb outfit! A good Americana outfit will not only raise your spirits during festivities but also look great in the photos people take to memorialize the day. Your efforts will be totally worth it. Have fun this Independence Day and stay safe!

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