Best Fitting Jegging Styles

Best Fitting Jegging Styles

Jeggings are our absolute fave casual bottoms for curvy women. They’re slimming, trendy, and go with everything. Combining the cool-girl look of denim with the comfort and ease of leggings, these stylish pieces are perfect for the modern woman. We love matching our best fitting jeggings with virtually any top.

While most jeggings feature the same silhouette – a full-length, figure-hugging straight leg - there is a lot of variation when it comes to color. Each color category can be styled in a range of different ways. Want tips on how and when to wear those denim, black, or hot pink jeggings you got? Read on to find out how the women at Red Tulip Boutique style our jeggings. 

Go Back to Basics with Classic Denim

Classic Denim

Denim jeggings are most women’s first introduction to jeggings. We love how the best indigo jeggings are fitting to wear as jeans. Select the pairs that give an illusion of weight and thickness without sacrificing comfort or flexibility and style them the same way you’d style your jeans – with logo tees, plain white tees, flannel, or a sweatshirt. Denim is the epitome of casual dress, and a classic denim jegging makes for a great everyday pant.

Slim Down with Black Jeggings

Black is such a stylish and slimming color, and we’re thankful that jeggings are available in this versatile shade.  Black jeggings go with tops of any color and are easily dressed up or down depending on how you style them. Use them to replace your slacks, tights, or jeans. You’ll want to wear your best fitting black jeggings to work, on dates, on nights out, and pretty much all the time, so be sure to stock up on a few pairs.

Have More Fun in Colors That POP

bright blue

Indigo and black jeggings are great for casual, laid-back wear, but there are also jeggings you can wear when you want to stand out and have fun. Wear brightly-colored jeggings with subtle tops for a down-to-earth look, or get creative by matching them with vivid tops. Here’s a tip: the fashion industry (us included) is absolutely OBSESSED with stylish jeggings. That means that whether you love a good bright  blue, hot pink, or printed jegging, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a great pair.

Replace Tights with Neutral Jeggings

Because jeggings are some of the best fitting bottoms out there, they’re also great to wear in lieu of tights. Tights can tear easily and collect static, but jeggings will always stay cozy and comfy. Wear your  graysand, and white jeggings with tops and dresses alike.

Shop Red Tulip Boutique Jeggings!

As your authority in trendy, curvy fashion, we’ve got all of your favorite curvy girl jegging styles  in stock now. You can wear these cuties this season and for years to come; jeggings never go out of style. Browse our collection now to make this hot modern style your own.

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