6 Tips For Packing For Your Dream Vacation

6 Tips For Packing For Your Dream Vacation

Spring has fully sprung, and the weather is just beautiful outside. We hope you’re going out and enjoying it. Maybe you’re even planning a special vacation! If you are, we bet you’re getting all your great plus size outfit ideas ready.

There’s something more important to think about, though, and that’s your luggage. Your luggage is a very important factor to get right when preparing for the vacation of your dreams. It will go everywhere with you and will help you survive and thrive, even in a foreign locale. It takes experience to become great at packing a suitcase. If you need some help, try making your vacation packing list using these tips, which will help you save time and have a better trip.

1. Pack Light

As a general rule, you should try to pack light if you’re going on a dream vacation. More clutter means a heavier suitcase and more potential for lost items. To pack light, bring necessities (including clothing tailored to the climate of your destination), but find ways to leave out anything that is unnecessary. That means leaving your velvety throw blanket and full-size toiletries at home! With more free space in your suitcase, you get more space to store souvenirs, hastily folded clothing, etc. during your trip. Making a comprehensive vacation packing list before you start will keep you from packing more (or less) than you need.

2. Pack Versatile Pieces

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When packing clothing, try to pack your most versatile pieces. Try going for a breathable  3/4 length sleeve tunic instead of a long-sleeve shirt so that you have a shirt that works for both temperate days and chilly nights. To maximize the movability of your clothing without sacrificing style, pack lots of leggings (leggings also happen to be a part of many great plus size outfit ideas!). When making your vacation packing list, put versatility first!

Versatility applies not only to the practicality of your clothing but also to the color palette. Bring clothes in neutral tones and simple patterns so that you’re able to get as many different outfits out of what you bring as possible.

3. Roll Your Clothes Instead Of Folding Them

One simple space-saving solution when it comes to packing clothing is to roll, not fold. This packing method is proven to take up less space. If you do it right, your clothes will also be virtually wrinkle-free when you unfurl them. Totally worth it, we’d say!

4. Wash And Re-Wear Your Clothes

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By planning to wash your clothes at regular intervals during your trip, you can significantly decrease the number of things you put on your vacation packing list. You can use your hotel’s laundry service, or you can wash your clothes for free. Just pack a bar of laundry soap and use it to wash underwear, T-shirts, athletic wear. Wash fast-drying clothing such as cotton dresses for best results.

5. Consider Foregoing Checked Baggage

Depending on how many different flights or flight transfers you’re going to take, you might want to forego bringing checked baggage and just pack all your stuff in one carry on bag. You don’t want to lose your checked baggage in a foreign airport or spend too much of your vacation budget on baggage check fees! If you want to stick to one carry on bag, having a stripped-down vacation packing list is especially important for you.

6. Pack Smart Travel Aids

Sometimes, packing more is helpful and improves your vacation experience! Some tools are not strictly necessary but will make things easier for you during the trip. From compact travel neck pillows to hanging toiletry organizers, there are plenty of tools out there that will make your trip a lot more comfortable and simple. Find some timesaving tools that are perfect for your needs and add them to your vacation packing list.

Enjoy A Better Vacation By Packing Smart

There are many things that you can do to prepare for your dream vacation, and packing smart is one of them. You’ll need to find a good balance of packing everything you need while also keeping your luggage light. It takes some experience to get it right, so don’t worry if you struggle at first.

Get ready to look and feel great on your dream vacation. We are especially excited to see your awesome plus size vacation clothing ideas! You’ve waited long enough for this vacation, so follow your vacation packing list, then get ready to get away from your troubles and sip on some mimosas!

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