5 Spring Outfit Ideas

5 Spring Outfit Ideas

Winter weather is fading and spring is in the air, which means a much-needed change in your wardrobe. Gone are the days of cozy sweaters and comfy leggings, but it’s not quite warm enough yet to break out your summer essentials. We know your fashion is on point, but after long months of bundling up against the cold, everyone could use a little refresher on curvy outfit ideas. Keep reading for our best suggestions for plus size  spring outfits.

1. Casual Dress


casual dress is the perfect way to transition from cold winter weather to the warmer months of spring. With so many options available, casual dresses are our number one choice in plus size spring outfits. Not only are they undeniably comfortable, they also create an effortlessly chic appearance that flatters your form and figure. Without even trying, you can ensure that you always stand apart from the crowd in this easy spring outfit.

2. A Calf-Length Skirt


When it comes to fashionable plus size spring outfits, nothing is quite so flattering (or so comfortable) as a flowing calf-length  skirt. This on-trend option offers a breezy and simplistic option that still provides the coverage you need for chillier spring days. Pair it will a simple black blouse, a long necklace, and your favorite pair of flats and you have the perfect spring outfit that works for both casual or formal occasions.

3. Go For Floral


For most people, springtime conjures up images of natural beauty characterized by gorgeously blooming flowers. Lean into the flowery images in your plus size spring outfits with a beautifully printed floral  top. Not only will this print draw attention to your flawless fashion choices, it also immediately adds interest to any outfit. Simply toss on your favorite pair of leggings and a simplistic flat and you’re ready to head out the door!

4. Find a Statement Jacket


Some spring days are chillier than others, so you have to be prepared to battle the lingering winter cold in your plus size spring outfits. A flowing  jacket made of a lightweight material is the perfect way to protect yourself against the cold without hiding under layers of bulky fabric. Choosing a jacket with a loud print allows it to take center stage in your ensemble. Simply pair your statement jacket with plain jeans, a basic top, and flesh-colored shoes. Not only will you stay warm, you will also embrace a flattering and flowing ensemble perfect for spring.

5. Embrace ¾ Sleeves

Embrace Sleeves

¾ sleeves are the perfect spring outfit option. Much like spring, they are right in the middle of wintery long sleeves and summery tanks, so they will keep you warm and comfortable without added too many layers of fabric. Choose a colorful ¾ sleeve top and pair it with a pair of black leggings and wedges to create a high-fashion look that embraces the newness of spring.


With these curvy outfit ideas, you can ensure that you have the perfect options to make your spring fashion stand out. Don’t fade into the background-make sure you are the center of every room in these stunning spring outfits.

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