5 Must-Haves for Refreshing Your Wardrobe

5 Must-Haves for Refreshing Your Wardrobe

Do you ever look in your closet and realize you have absolutely nothing to wear? Okay, be honest… you do have something to wear but nothing you actually want to wear. Everything left in your closet are outfits you feel like you’ve worn a million times. In fact, your favorite outfit is in at least 3 of your pics on Instagram. You don’t have to throw out your whole entire wardrobe and start from scratch with new, trendy plus size fashions. With just a few new pieces you can successfully mix things up and feel like a stylish new person with a killer wardrobe. Get ready for some new pics with these 5 pieces that will reset and refresh your wardrobe.

Head Turning Midi Skirt

1) Head Turning Midi Skirt

Skirts can be sweet, classic, or edgy. Which is why they’re a great piece to have in your wardrobe arsenal. Dress a skirt up or dress it down, either way you’ll still be the best dressed in the room. Choose a  skirt in an eye-catching color like cobalt blue or fire engine red. Or go for a classic color like black. The best part about midi skirts is that you’re not so confined like you would be in denim and you don’t have to worry if you shaved your legs like you would if you were wearing a mini.

Edgy Moto

2) Edgy Moto

Channel your inner bad gal with an edgy moto. The right  moto jacket can give you the confidence to work a room. Some people think trendy plus size fashion is the sexiest thing you can wear, but it’s actually confidence, so wear it proud! Choose a moto jacket in a fun animal print like snake to go for the full edgy effect. Moto jackets can dress up a simple t-shirt and jeans or add some spunk to an otherwise formal fit. It’s a universal jacket that every woman needs in their closet because it will make you feel fun, sexy, and confident.

3) Wild Print

You were born to stand out so don’t be shy! Trendy plus size fashions aren’t afraid of prints. So, you shouldn’t be afraid to mix in some fun and crazy prints into your wardrobe. The great thing about prints is that they speak for themselves. You don’t need to overly accessorize or add much more to an outfit when prints are involved. Some people shy away from prints because of how “loud” they are. But life was meant to be lived boldly, so wear those prints loud and proud. Prints are another great way to mix up what would be a boring t-shirt and pants combo.

4) Stand-out Booties

Heels are pretty much no woman’s favorite shoe if we’re talking about comfort. However, you can’t deny how great they make you look and feel. Fortunately, booties have come into fashion, and we love it! They can be paired with just about anything – denim, skirts, dresses, shorts and more. They’re a truly versatile shoe that looks great with all trendy plus size fashions.

Fresh Accessories

5) Fresh Accessories

Earrings can really make or break an outfit. Actually,  new earrings can make an old outfit look and feel new again. Right now, the hot earring styles are tassels, balls, and hoops. With how affordable earrings are in comparison to some clothing items, you can have a new pair of earrings for everyday of the week. Sometimes, an outfit isn’t an outfit until you have the perfect accessory to complement it. Plus, earrings always make you feel extra put together; even on those days you feel like everything is a mess. Red Tulip Boutique is the place to find trendy plus size fashions anywhere online. Red Tulip Boutique stays on top and ahead of the trends thanks to their central location near the top fashion capitals of the world. From Paris to Italy and Milan, Red Tulip draws inspiration for their latest styles from the fashion meccas. Shop clothes that make you look good and feel good with true to size shapes and fashion forward styles.

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