5 Fun Ways to Wear Florals

5 Fun Ways to Wear Florals

The days of bland and boring clothes for curvy women are over. One peek at the women's plus size floral dresses at Red Tulip Boutique reveals as much. No more dated prints, shapeless cuts, and unflattering designs. Plus size floral tops and dresses in styles that are made to accentuate your curves are becoming more popular.

Having an eye for sartorial stand-outs and knowing how to put together a killer ensemble have nothing to do with size. There are no patterns you can't rock. Find out our top five fun ways to rock those flirty florals below.

1. Opt for Unforgettable Outerwear

A statement coat is a must-have and a floral print is ideal for a signature jacket. Neutral palettes are your best bet for outerwear, but you don’t have to stick to black or white. Cream and navy are both popular options for pairing with floral patterns and they let you experiment with new variations on classic styles.

2. Make It Monochrome

In the past, many of the issues with women's plus size floral dresses and other floral garments had to do with drab or garish colors-no middle ground. You had the choice of walking around in a veritable garden that resembled an Easter dress or a frock that looked suspiciously like your grandma’s sofa from the 1970s.

To flaunt floral patterns, try going for monochrome. Stick to dark, neutral bases such as black or navy, brightened with flowers and paisley prints rendered in white or cream. No matter how busy or intricate the floral pattern itself, the color palette will tame it into something subtle, understated, and sophisticated.

3. Try a Tunic

If you want to wear plus size floral tops, you have to choose wisely. Pay attention to the cut, the shape, and the fit, as well as the pattern and the print. A tunic is always a winner, and not just because tunics fall lower than traditional blouses (which elongates your torso and hides common problem areas). No, tunics also make a great wardrobe staple because they are easily paired with both jeans and leggings--depending on your style preference.

4. In the Details

In choosing women's plus size floral dresses, the devil is in the details. Instead of opting for patterns that cover the entire dress consider looking for colorblock dresses that combine floral side panels with solid bodices. The contrast between the pattern and the solid colors both flatters your curves and flaunts your style. Another option is frocks, and even blouses, with paisley details at the cuffs, collar, and around the waist. It's all about what catches the eye.

5. On the Bias

Plus size floral tops and dresses with bias cuts or asymmetrical hems draw attention away from the print. That allows you to get away with brighter, more vibrant color palettes. Further offset the pattern with neutral accessories to truly rock this look.

No matter what you choose, wear your floral prints with confidence. There’s no piece of clothing that isn’t made for your body type. You will always look good in what makes you the most comfortable and happy.

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