5 Cute Tops Perfect for the End of Summer

5 Cute Tops Perfect for the End of Summer

Do you know what you’ll be wearing when the beautiful summer weather begins to cool? For the end of summer, we suggest cute tunics and versatile vests, among other transitional items. Say goodbye to summer and hello to the fall season with these plus size summer top styles compiled by the fashion experts at Red Tulip Boutique!

1. Printed Tunics

If you love  tunics as much as we do, then you’ve already been wearing this flattering style all summer. The tunic’s flowing silhouette and lowered hemline make it a perfect alternative to dresses for the end of summer, that time when leggings and pants begin to retake center stage. As the summer draws to a close, we recommend showing off your dazzling printed tunics as much as you can. Vibrant prints are most vibrant under the summer sun, after all!

Open Front Vests

2. Open Front Vests

Open front  vests are the perfect transitional summer tops to layer over a plus-sized outfit. Not only do drapey vests have a slimming and lengthening effect, but they also add subtle complexity and dimension to your ensemble. Pair together vests and shirts in similar color tones for a sweet girl-next-door look or contrast your vest with your shirt for a bold, eye-catching look!

3. Plaid Button Down Shirts

Plaid button-down shirts are half-blouse, half-jacket–you can wear them all buttoned up as a shirt, or wear them open over a tank top, tee shirt, or dress. If you’re looking for a flattering plus size top for the end of summer, then plaid button-down shirts are an option to consider! No longer reserved for grunge rockers and lumberjacks, plaid is a versatile pattern that you can easily make your own. Try some on now to figure out how you can work them into your summer and fall wardrobe.

4. Netted Layering Tops

Netted Layer Tops

Sometimes, all you need is a tiny layer of outerwear to keep you just warm enough. Breathable materials such as net, lace, and mesh are perfect for that in-between weather that isn’t quite cold enough yet for jackets or sweaters. Unusual and alluring, net  covers will make you feel extra fashionable every time you wear them. As an added bonus, these unique plus size summer tops look great on curvy women!

5. Faux Leather Pieces

Faux Leather

Faux leather is a trendy material that you absolutely must try this season. Smooth, sexy and cruelty-free, faux leather will keep you warm as the weather gets cooler. Try a tank top or ¾ sleeved tunic in this unique material, and you just might fall in love with how confident it makes you feel! Show off your curves in figure-flattering faux leather.

Find The Perfect Summer Tops

Staying on top of the seasons with fashion is hard, but it sure is worthwhile. With a little creativity, it isn’t hard to find plus size summer tops that fit that transitional weather perfectly. You can even start your search right here at Red Tulip Boutique. Stock up on dazzling transitional tops now!

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