4 Fall Fashion Favorites for Curvy Women

4 Fall Fashion Favorites for Curvy Women

We loved spending the summer months frolicking about in our trendy sundresses, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t “falling” over in excitement for that lovely autumn weather to come. The way we see it, fall is truly the season to show off your best look because you get to pull out all the stops and have the option of layering to create a unique look.

Finding fall fashion favorites for curvy women has never been easier. With the freedom to wear more layers comes the chance to create a trendy look complete with slimming pants (legs for days!), eye-catching outerwear, and killer boots. This fall, try wearing our 4 favorite classic curvy styles to create definition in all the right places! Fashion Listings

1. Statement Jackets

Fall is the season for cute statement jackets, which are true MVPs when it comes to fall outfit creation. Choose figure-flattering statement jackets such as feminine  open-front jackets, leg-lengthening cropped jackets, and transition-weather ponchos. Once you’ve found a good statement jacket that’s uniquely you, you’ll have a great fall look you can wear every day.


2. Vests

Open front  vests are one of our favorite fall fashion items for curvy women. They add uninterrupted vertical lines to your look and help to elongate the body and slim the figure! Wearing a stylish vest also shows people that you’ve put effort into your look, whether you’re wearing it over a dress, tunic, or simple tops. Stock up on vests in all sorts of colors to go with your favorite fall tops!

3. Jeggings

What do you do when the weather’s too cold for dresses but too warm for jeans? Why, you wear  jeggings of course! A fall fashion favorite for curvy women, jeggings are as stylish as denim jeans but as comfortable as your favorite PJ sweatpants. Pair form-fitting jeggings with a tunic for a simple but unique fall look, or wear them under your summer dresses to keep twirling all the way through fall!

4. Knee-High Boots


If you don’t already have a pair of good knee-high  boots, we suggest you pick some out. Bold and cozy, this ultra-feminine style creates a sexy point of interest for the eye, distracting from any areas that you may feel insecure about. Not only that, but they also add polish to any outfit. Dare to show off your impeccable sense of fashion in a good pair of knee-high boots in your favorite fall color.

Embrace the New Season!

A true fashionista knows how to take her inspiration from the seasons. Fall fashion is particularly exciting for curvy women, who get to wear layers, be creative, and embrace their curves. At least, that’s what we’re planning on doing this season. Embrace the sweater weather with a whole variety of  new styles that make you feel absolutely gorgeous.

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