A Multi-Tasker, Just Like Me Dress - Blue Hawaiian Print
$39.00 $19.50
Add fabulous flair to your wardrobe with a hard working plus size piece that can be worn as a dress or as a tunic with leggings and jeans! Multi-tasking, that is what we like, right? We know you are dying to try out your new boots with a cute dress and...
Against The Rules Faux Wrap Dress
$47.00 $24.00
You already love your wrap dress--and for a good reason! It's a universally flattering style and oh so versatile, too. Now we have made things easy for you, honestly maybe too easy with this black curvy woman's dress. This "white lie" dress, which...
Better Than Ordinary Blouson Dress - Country Denim Print
$50.00 $25.00
Although it may seem so, some dresses aren't always ordinary. Well, that’s the case for this beautiful printed fill figure dress! Having the slightest details and simple touches will certainly make this a potential contender as your favorite...
Boat Neck Beauty Printed Dress
$49.00 $24.50
The saying "when you look good, you feel good" comes to mind when looking to freshen up your wardrobe. For the new you, add some flavor to your everyday look with this short plus size dress. With this type of cut, shape, and dress design you will find...
Dream a Little Dream Sundress - Blocks
$39.00 $23.00
Dreams do come true, if only in our minds! Imagine azure water, the sun on your arms, gulls circling overhead and the sound of the surf. Imagine yourself in this stunning Blocks print plus size sundress that hugs your curves in all the right places...
Feel The Beat Sleeveless Tunic Dress - Building Blocks Print
$39.00 $19.50
Crafted in a longer, tunic style, this  Building Blocks Print 80’s inspired sleeveless top is designed to show off your curves to their fullest while creating a long, lean silhouette that will make you feel like stepping out and dancing! How...
Perfectly on Point Tank Dress - Aqua
$29.00 $14.50
Perfectly On Point Tank Dress – Aqua The Perfectly On Point plus size tank top dress has everything you might want out of a go-to summer item: it’s figure-flattering, breezy, and comes in this very lovely shade of blue. Adorable enough for...
Perfectly on Point Tank Dress - Fab Forest Print
$32.00 $16.00
Tell the truth, does the impending season change strike fear into your heart even though you enjoy the prospect of warmer temperatures and the promise of balmy days? Are you self-conscious about wearing clothing with less coverage? If so, this on trend...
Perfectly on Point Tank Dress - Mandala Print
$32.00 $16.00
Tell the truth, does the impending season change strike fear into your heart even though you enjoy the prospect of warmer temperatures and the promise of balmy days? Are you self-conscious about wearing clothing with less coverage? If so,...
Show Your Spunk Cold Shoulder Dress
$46.00 $23.00
Stripes don't have to be simply horizontal or vertical. How about diagonal for a change? We love the angled stripes here, along with the gentle bell-style sleeves and shoulder cut-out design. Bonus: the shoulder bands are wide enough to cover up bra...

Dresses for Curvy Women

There’s just no denying the power of the perfect dress. Obviously, it’s important to find one that fits just right, and that’s where we come in. Like all of our options at Red Tulip Boutique, every one of our dresses was designed with the curvy woman in mind, so you know that you can find a flattering fit for your body type. From LBDs to sequined numbers made for dancing, our dress selection has it all.

Fashion-Forward, Never Boring

Do you ever feel like all dresses for curvy women look exactly the same? They’re all black, plain, and baggy. Dresses for smaller women come in a huge variety of cuts and patterns, and at Red Tulip Boutique, we think that dresses for plus size women should too! Our selection of boutique plus size dresses does include your basic staples, but you’ll also be able to find that flirty party dress that you’ve been craving.

Our unique dresses for curvy women come in a range of styles and patterns, which we’re constantly updating with the latest and greatest fashions from the runway. You’ll be able to find dresses in fashion-forward materials like leather and lace, but we also offer tried-and-true options like skater dresses and tunics. Many of our selections come in a bunch of fun colors and patterns, so you can find a piece that speaks to your unique sense of style.

Designs Crafted to Flatter Your Curves

Dresses are a glaring example of the problem with the traditional model of enlarging straight-size clothing into plus-sized options. Dress styles made for petite body types often simply don’t work on curvier women. They’re not designed to accommodate your assets in the way that you need. Or worse, the dress will fit in one area but will be way too tight or loose in another. There are so many things that can go wrong trying to force curves into clothes that aren’t designed for them, and we’re tired of it.

All of our dresses have been designed specifically to flatter curvy women. They offer substantial coverage and support where you need it, making sure that you don’t have to worry about any fashion emergencies. Our dresses will hug you in all the right places so you can focus on looking like the bombshell you are.

No matter what occasion you’re shopping for, Red Tulip Boutique has the perfect dress for you and your body. Our options of stylish dresses for curvy women run the whole gamut, from office appropriate to party ready, so you can be ready for anything. Shop our full collection of boutique plus size dresses today.